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1 BTC = 10,000 USD (Our Fixed Rate)          24x7 Support          Secured Site          Anti DDOS          McAfee Secure          PCIDSS Compliance          1 BTC = 10,000 USD (Our Fixed Rate)          24x7 Support          Secured Site          Anti DDOS          McAfee Secure          PCIDSS Compliance          1 BTC = 10,000 USD (Our Fixed Rate)         
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How our platform works?

Each crypto transaction requires very large computing technologies to process. It involves different sets of technology components in the blockchain eco-system. Each component of the blockchain generates different returns at managed level of risks.

In the past few years, we have teamed with open-community of blockchain expertise to research and develop smarter computerization techniques to generate stable returns from the system.

All this are achieved through our computerization of the analytical and automation technologies. Following are our technology architecture:

Your investment is funded by our managed diversified models into the blockchain eco-system. The returns of investment are consolidated daily basis and returned to you.

When you funded $500, it will be funded into the automated investment model where it will go into blockchain eco-system components. Following is how the returns are generated for you:

Everyday it generates stable return from 1.08% = $5.40
This return are generated for you "For Life". Meaning "everyday" or no time limit.

We can help you to multiply further by reinvesting them into the blockchain eco-system.

In a reinvestment model, your funded investment becomes = $505.40
Your next daily returns = $5.46
On day 14th, the daily returns == $6.21
On day 30th, the daily returns == $7.37
On day 90th, the daily returns == $14.05
On day 180th, the daily returns = $36.94
On day 365th, the daily returns = $269.49

Referral/Affiliate programme is also available up to 4 levels (6%-2%-1%-1%):
Recommend to 5 friends to invest $20 each as easy start.
You will gain up to 4 levels
= (5 x $20 x 6%) at level 1
+ (5x5 x $20 x 2%) at level 2
+ (5x5x5 x $20 x 1%) at level 3
+ (5x5x5x5 x $20 x 1%) at level 4
= $166

Either is the daily return or referral/affiliate programmes that will meet your investment needs, you can start with the very first step. Create your free account today, fund an investment and let us multiply them for you.




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